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Our Athletes

Reserve Wheels are for racing, intended for those who think a little differently, who know that the fastest way through a corner isn’t always the most obvious, and who embrace pragmatic, simple solutions to not-so-simple problems. Our wheels are raced at every level, from World Cups to Wednesday Night Worlds. We work closely with athletes who put our wheels to the test, week in and week out, who ride hard and ride lots, who zip-tie number boards to their handlebars and who carefully pin numbers to their jerseys. Our wheels have to excel under those who are toughest on them.

Finding the Limit

We partner with and support athletes who push our product to its very limit, and their feedback is a critical part of our product development process. Whether it's developing a 24" trials wheel for Danny MacAskill and his compatriates on the Drop N Roll Tour, or constantly making tweaks to the Santa Cruz Syndicate's 29" DH wheel, we've found that solving problems for elite athletes usually results in designs that are good for riders at every level.



Road & Triathlon

Watch this Space

Let's face it, 2020 has been an unusual kind of year. We'd hoped to be out on course racing our new 700c range all summer long. But just like everyone else, we'll have to be patient. We're using the extra training time as an opportunity to to keep building up our race program in road and triathlon before revealing to the public. So stay tuned here to get updates as they happen.

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