RSV 40|44 Wheelset
Set of Reserve 50 carbon wheels

Reserve 40|44

When we began development on the new Reserve 40|44, we were looking to create a wheelset that provides all-day capability with aerodynamic sensibilities. The 40|44 features a wider, shallower front mixed with a narrower, taller rear wheel, which has proven on the tarmac and in the wind tunnel to deliver speed with the benefit of stability. And it’s designed to provide a comfortable ride all day long. Hit a rough patch of road, no problem! Dart down a gravel-strewn alley to short cut your way to the coffee shop, zero issues. The 40|44 delivers just the note of forgiveness when you need it, to let you keep racking up the miles when others are already legs up on the couch.
Riding a Cervelo road bike with mountains in the background


Designed For: All day riding on mixed surfaces

Inner Width: Front 25.5mm, Rear 25mm

Depth: Front 40mm, Rear 44mm

Sizes Available: 700c

Recommended Tire Dimensions: 28 to 45mm

Spoke Count: 24

Wheel Weight: 1368 grams with DT Swiss 180

Price: Starts at $1599

Options: DT Swiss 180, 240 or 350 CL hubs, Microspline or XD


Tubeless and tube compatible

Wide/low front mixed with narrow/tall rear for maximum stability, lowest weight and optimal aerodynamics

Front 410 grams, rear 435 grams

Riding on a road near a rock overhang
Riding on a road near a rock overhang
Two cyclists riding with a painted wall of mountains in the background
Two cyclists riding with a painted wall of mountains in the background
RSV 44 Rim Profile
RSV 44 Rim Profile

Wheel Size


Hub Options

DT 350
$1800 USD
DT 240
$2400 USD
DT 180
$2800 USD
Rim Only 40
$599 USD (per rim)
Rim Only 44
$599 USD (per rim)
DT 350
$1800 USD

Details - 700c DT 350

  • Price
    $1800 USD
  • Hub
    DT 350
  • Wheelset Weight
  • Wheel Type
  • Internal Width
    25.4mm (40), 25mm (44)
  • External Width
    33mm (40), 31mm (44)
  • Spoke Count
  • ERD
    560mm (40), 552mm (44)
  • Asymmetric Offset
  • Recommended Tire Width
    28mm - 40mm
  • Driver Options
    XD or MicroSpline
  • Brake Options
  • Depth
    40mm, 44mm
  • Endcap Options
  • Hub Spacing
    12/100 F, 12/142 R
Reflection of a Cevelo road bike
Reflection of a Cevelo road bike

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Lifetime Support

Lifetime. Not limited. If you do actually manage to break our rim while out riding, we'll replace it for free.

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Complete Reserve technical spec sheet.


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Riding the Caledonia 5 in the rain
Riding a Cervelo road bike with buildings in the background
Riding the Aspero 5 on a gravel road