Descending a road on carbon bike wheels
Descending a road on carbon bike wheels

Road Wheels

From white-knuckle crits to weekend centuries, dial-up on aerodynamic advantage without sacrificing stiffness and stability. Whether you pit reputation against rationality or refuse to acknowledge any so-called finish line, Reserve Road is there for when the racing gets real or for when the days get long. Tubeless compatible, available in 700c wheel size, and a range of internal widths and rim depths. Backed by lifetime support.

Reserve 35|35

Best For: Climbing and all day riding 

Designed For: Maximum performance and comfort with minimum weight

See Reserve 35|35
Reserve 35|35 Road Wheelset

Reserve 34|37

Best For: Long days in saddle, hill repeats, climbing

Designed For: Low weight and aerodynamic with a focus on stability and comfort

See Reserve 34|37
RSV 34|37 Wheelset

Reserve 40|44

Best For: All-day riding and racing

Designed For: Mixed surfaces with a forgiving ride for those long days in the saddle

See Reserve 40|44
2022 Reserve 40|44 Wheelset

Reserve 50|50

Best For: Road and crit racing

Designed For: Road racing, crits, and fast group rides

See Reserve 50|50
Reserve 50 Road Wheelset

Reserve 52|63

Best For: Road Racing, Crits, and Fast Group Rides

Designed For: Riders seeking the ultimate wheelset for sprint stages, triathlons, and anywhere with a straight long enough to make a break for it

See Reserve 52|63
Reserve Wheels 52|63 Aero Road Wheelset, staggered with a grey background.

Reserve 50|65

Best For: Sprint races, triathlons and crits

Designed For: Ultimate aero performance and maximum power efficiency

See Reserve 50|65
Reserve 50|65 Road Wheelset
We Make Rims,
We Build Wheels.
Our development team has decades of experience in engineering, aerodynamics and bicycle design. Together, they decided to set their sights on fabricating a rim that would fulfill the individual needs and withstand the rigors of the road, mountain and gravel disciplines. A rim that would prove its mettle in any situation, a rim that would speak for itself—in the wind tunnel, on the trail, and in the breakaway.